Cosmically Unfair

Terminal diagnoses should come with a complimentary administrative assistant and a lawyer.

It’s not fair that you have to suddenly deal with the whole “you’re going to die, and here’s how” idea, but there’s SO MUCH PAPERWORK. Bills to pay. Forms to file. People to inform. Insurance to adjust. Huge, heavy decisions to make and then notifying all the people involved. There’s so much BUSINESS to dying, or preparing to. Shit that really, everyone should be cognizant of anyway, but you never really bother to think about it properly until it’s too late, and then your relatives have to deal with it when you’re dead. But because I have warning, and because I want to make this as easy as possible for those I love, I’m trying to take care of as much of this as I can. And quickly, so I can put it aside and not have to think about the end of my life every minute of every day anymore and just get back to living while I can.

..And a kitten. Terminal diagnoses should come with a free kitten. Yeah.