Record Scratch

The most intense, personal, physical feeling is not an orgasm.

It is someone scratching an itch you had for hours.

I knew this would be a problem – it’s actually one of the few things that I did realize was going to be a problem. The itching. It’s very frustrating to have a itch that you can’t scratch, and not even being able to wiggle to get some relief is torturous. I’ve actually gotten panic attacks from itching – being so helpless with such physical intensity, knowing you can do absolutely nothing about it.

This is where other people come in. I will regularly ask Jay for scritchies, and sometimes the relief is so intense my eyes roll in the back of my head. Now that it’s winter, of course my skin is drying out, so more scratchings. He’s a saint to put up with it, and to cater to me so well. It’s an intimacy, someone else scratching an itch. And I am here for it. Hallelujah.

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