I Did a Thing

Reddit hosts sessions with celebrities, where you can ask them literally anything. They did one with the CEO of the company I work for, they did one with Jackson Galaxy of My Cat From Hell, allll kinds of people. But really anyone can do one, based on a life experience (I climbed Mt. Everest) or who you are/what you do for a living (I work in cryogenics) that makes you special. A good friend’s wife is recently going off of her epilepsy meds after 22 years; she hosted a session. It inspired me to do one of my own, so I invited total strangers to ask me anything:

IamA Newly Diagnosed Person with Lou Gehrig’s Disease. AMA! from IAmA

Overall, I had some really great questions, so so so much encouragement, and I learned about some new research. It gave me the courage to go through with making this blog public after all.