6 thoughts on “ALS:FTS Video Blog Thingy Numba Eleven: That’s right. Eleven.

  1. Appreciate the updates so much <3 And you are beyond adorbs in the Shark onesie.

    Walking with you and holding space for where you're at, friend.

  2. LOVE the shark suit & love sharks (have a cat named Sharky). #Awesome
    Your manager is ridiculous and, frankly, either too much of a “company man” (Gross!) or so rigid he can’t get out of his own way. Umm….doesn’t he realize you’re most definitely not “faking” it? You’d think he’d have a modicum of compassion and would be super chill about your hours entirely.
    Housing news totally sucks. I was out in Portland on business a couple of years back and was at the Jacobsen Salt company in the city. Really cool space in a huge warehouse with exposed brick, kitchen, bathroom, high ceilings, etc. and it got me thinking…..how about totally non-traditional housing? Not suggesting something quite that huge (i.e., expensive) but I wonder if there isn’t something like that in a smaller package. Because it’s a non traditional, lofty style, it would have large door openings and tons of empty space. Provided you could section off couple of areas for privacy for yourself and your roommate, it could be cool. Anyway, just a thought….
    Your cat’s adorbs – seems very sweet, too.
    Sorry for SadBrain. I suffer from severe anxiety which has been on a raging mission lately. Besides Zoloft at 100 mg, I’m also taking Xanax nearly daily just to keep myself from jumping out of my own skin. (have my own health issues – autoimmune shit – that’s potentially serious and so I understand panic attacks)
    You seem to be doing pretty damned fantastic considering this is a few years in and you’re still living independently – and WORKING! Holy WOW!
    Now….go get super hydrated and do some breath stacking already! 😉

    1. Yes’m! *salute*
      Manager dude comes from a factory environment and he just needs to adjust his mindset. And cut me a fucking break.
      I’m sorry for your PanicBrain and all of your health woes. Like…the physical shit is enough without the psychological component, yeah? Can we have one or the other please?
      Ianto IS adorbs, and I have to repeatedly ask guests to not steal him, please. Kiss Sharky on his fuzzy head for me, if he is of a mind to accept such a thing. Head skritchies are also acceptable. Also? Three cheers for Jacobsen Salt, I love them.
      <3 thank you for regularly commenting. I genuinely adore knowing you're out there.

      1. Much love to you, girl. You’re fab!
        PS: Jacobsen Salt was great. We spent a day at the “HQ” in the city and a day at the manufacturing site on Netarts Bay. Breath taking. We shot him for a spot the director still has up: https://vimeo.com/117554200

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