Oh yes.

Since I’m keeping record. I had another sorta-fall yesterday. I was just having a weak day, the walk to the bus took me a half hour and I was DRENCHED in sweat by the time I got there. The bus came at 12:18 and I did not stop sweating until like….1:30. It was a bit muggy, raining on and off, but man. It took SO MUCH EFFORT.

The bus did the kneeling thing, lowering to what would be curb level – but it was still a high step because that stop is on the street. I pulled myself up on the handrails and I just didn’t have the strength to make it up and I wound up kneeling myself. It took me a second to haul myself to my feet, and while I was paying my fare and showing the Honored Citizen ID that proved I qualified for the low fare, I thought, “Well I just kinda negated the need to show him the ID, he just got a demonstration.”

Another slight bruise on my knee, another slight bruise on my ego.

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