Madam, My Card.

OK kids, quick diversion. This is something I wanted to do for a little while now and I finally got my act together to make it happen.


I have calling cards now! I’ve had a lot of occasions where I’m talking to someone about my blog, and it’s not QUITE got enough Google Juice to find by ALSFTS, so I wanted something proper to hand over. “Yeah, I actually wrote all about how I came to the diagnosis and what my symptoms are. It’s at my blog which is..oh hell. Here’s the info.” And then hand over the card like a pro.

Of course I wanted a cheap option, and there are all kinds of sites out there that do the “250 cards! Free!” and then charge you for everything. “Oh, did you want INK on those? Well that’s $5. Gloss? That’s $5. Shipping? Fifteen dollars.” Pffffft. I wound up at Printastic because I found they had the best templates and I’m NOT about to design my own shizz yet, I just wanted something quick. They had the usual free 250 cards thing, but only like two bucks for gloss and then I think 7 for shipping, so it’s not bad at all. I didn’t expect much, something better than a Post-It.

But they actually look really COOL (even if I do say so myself!) and are decent quality, not flimsy or anything. So hooray! Here’s what they look like!

Networking! With Swears!
Madam, my card.

Now if you will excuse me, I’m going to go hand these things out like a BOSS.

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