While in the company of a good friend, we talked about serious and silly things as I usually do, and found myself devolving into a rant against billionaires. Hoarding that much money should be illegal. No one should ever have a billion dollars in today’s economy, it’s unconscionable. How the hell do you have enough money to literally end world hunger and then just…not?

After awhile, my friend sighed angrily. “It just…makes me sick,” she fumed.

“It’s pretty bad when you’re talking to a terminally ill person and my disease isn’t the most depressing thing,” I agreed.

And then we both laughed and felt better, and THAT is why gallows humor rocks.

Things I Say that I Apparently Only I Think Are Funny, Part One

“You are getting on what might actually be my last nerve.”

“I quite LITERALLY do not have time for this.”

“*insert thing I don’t wanna do* is not on my bucket list, thanks.”

“At least come a zombie apocalypse, I’ll be safe to be around. Even if I turn, what the fuck am I gonna do? Gimp after you? NEERRRRRRRRRRVES…”

I don’t care what you fuckers think. I AM HILARIOUS.