Engineers are mad scientists waiting to happen

The thing about being friends with engineers is that you can no longer off-handedly say things like, “Man, I totally want a little spring loaded boxing glove on my wheelchair so I can push a button and punch people in the crotch when they piss me off.”

Because they would TOTALLY BUILD YOU ONE.

To wit:

Vashti Ross
hahaha it was my plan to be that feisty old biddy who hits people and throws things and gets away with it cause she’s old.
Now I could get away with it because I’m dying but I won’t be able to throw things

Jack Bradach
I’ll build you a cripapult!

Vashti Ross
yoou just made that word up and I can tell from here you are immensely pleased with yourself for it.
good job.

Jack Bradach
I am not surprised you can feel it, USGS is going to be reporting on a smug shit eating grin of unprecedented magnitude.

Vashti Ross

Jack Bradach
This will be a thing. Nerf balls that can be computer targeted.

And he could do it, too. I will have to be more careful about saying ridiculous shit to people who are actually capable of making them reality. Even though it would be hilarious.

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