So much to say oh my gosh

I’m sorry! I’ve been quiet! But for a good reason! I’ve been on a vacation. It was a complicated vacation and I’ll tell you all about it. I’ve got a couple other half-written entries in the backlog, too, and I need to get to those as well. And there’s the weekly video I haven’t done in 2 months.

Tomorrow is Clinic, which I had COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN ABOUT. oooops. I will tell you about all of these things, how that goes, how I creeped out a lot of kids in a theme park, how I took another step along the ALS life route and how I feel about that, all of it. And how I almost got into a fight. For now, though, I’ve been back from vacation since Thursday and I’ve been sleeping 12 hours a day to recover. Totally not kidding.

But hey, I’m alive still, and life is pretty good until I have to go back to work, and I’ve missed you and you look amazing, have you been working out?

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