The Best Idea for the Worst Times

I love Emily McDowell’s greeting cards. Snarky, realistic, cheesy, and off the wall without being the office lady who wears all purple and warns the new hires, “You’ll have to watch out for me, I’m a little CRAAAZY!” A birthday card that says “Time to put out this tiny fire while you sing a song!” gets points with me. And a very succinct “Aaaaaahhh! You’re Getting Married!” card. It’s like she’s in my brain creating the cards I would make. I’ve loved them since they came to my attention a year or so back.

They’ve launched a new line of empathy cards. They’re amazing.

Most of them are geared towards cancer, but there are a few that would be just fine for the person in your life with ALS. Put lots of money inside.

I just wanted to point out that these exist, and they make me happy, and that I am so glad to see that there are people out there who get it, making products for those who maybe don’t. Including the simple, “There is no good card for this. I’m so sorry.” It rocks that people in outer circles have options to say when they have no words.

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