And we’re back.

Yesterday was a bit of a tail-end meehhhhh day but today we are back to our regularly scheduled optimism. Things seem a lot more manageable today. I also have an appointment with my shrinkologist, and I intend to ask him about coping methods. Bad days don’t happen often, but when they do, I’d like more in my toolbox than “take an ativan and go to bed”. Sleep is indeed a panacea in my world, but it’s an inconvenient cure when there’s work to be done.

My main babe Danielle and I have plans to meet with the aforementioned friends for a night of talks and Cards Against Humanity. I intend to show off my “I’m Dying” cards. I have a coupon for 250 free business cards, I think I’ll print some up, wallet sized. And I can carry them around easier (though I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ones Megan sent me and have those in my purse at all times) and divvy them up to my similarly dying friend. I think he’d appreciate them.

What else. I got an awesome new cane! It’s clear plastic and hollow so you can put things inside! But it’s heavier than I thought it’d be, so filling it with things like candy or gaming dice might not be viable. Boo. And a little short. I will have to figure out how to fix that. And then I will have the nerdiest cane EVER.

OH! And I have to tell you about the pulmonologist. That’s it’s own post.

So there.

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