Inappropriate Friends are the Best Friends, Part 3

Danielle: I think you should be cremated with all of your stickers. Random thought of the day

me: that’s a LOT of cremation material

Danielle: ok, maybe just some…you can designate your fav binders. all the halloween ones

me: burn my cat stickers, my Lisa Franks, and the halloween ones hehehee

Danielle: hehehee there ya go

me: though that’s the majority of them, I think

Danielle: I was thinking that, yes

me: maybe just sticker my corpse and call it good

Danielle: Oooo it’ll be a wake game

me: hehe see?

Danielle: that was bad

me: Pin the sticker on the Vashti!

Danielle: hehee not entirely ashamed hahahaa

me: Give everybody penny stickers and if they can get them on my eyelids, they win!

…and then, because we’re not TOTALLY horrible people, we discussed her excellent idea of maybe donating my stickers to local teachers.

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