Beyond a compliment

A coworker stopped me in the cafe today to talk to me a little bit, she’d just discovered I have ALS and had been told I was choosing the right to die when I want. We spoke a little about prognoses and comforting thoughts and coping mechanisms and …silver linings, if you will? Beautiful ways to think about death, thoughts that get you through it.

I told her that I’m almost (almost!) grateful for the disease, because it’s shown me how much love I have around me, how many people I have willing to support me, and to hear through their words how important they think I am. I’ve always thought of myself as a little bit ..standard, ordinary, unimpressive? But people have come out of nowhere to tell me I’m wrong.

“Well of course,” she said. “You can’t radiate THIS much joy and not draw people to you.”

I think that’s the most beautiful thing anyone’s ever said about me. And I was speechless.

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