Gravity: It’s the Law.

I want this out here but I’m not going to say much about it because I’m trying really hard to not let it get to me so much so I’ll be quick.

I had a fall tonight. My first proper one. I was disembarking from an Amtrak train, stepping down from the train to the little foot step they have, and my leg just totally gave the fuck up and I fell. There was just nothing to catch myself on. I’m not really hurt, but there will be bruises and scrapes. Mostly I was humiliated. I was sitting on the ground trying to figure out how the hell to get back up because all I had for support was a stupid yellow footstool while total strangers were bending over me, asking am I okay, do I need help up?

“I’m fine, just really embarrassed,” I told a really concerned woman. She assured me there was nothing to be embarrassed about.

There was an Amtrak employee with the club car right there, apparently he’d been waiting for me because the conductor had told him there was a woman with a cane. The conductor had noticed me, because the train came on the opposite track that the station signage said, and everyone had to run to the opposite platform. And so I held up the whole train while I crossed under the platform and back up to the other side, and the only doors they had open were at the front, so it took me forever to hurry over. He knew damn well there was a woman with a cane on board. And that effort is probably why my legs didn’t quite have the strength to manage – I used up my fucking spoons just getting ON the damned thing, so when I got off, my leg just said “nope” and folded under me.

The driver helped me up, basically by having me wrap my arms around his neck and hauling me up. He asked a million times if I was okay. I repeated that I was, just embarrassed, and he also told me it was nothing to be embarrassed by. He just wishes he’d seen me before I tried to step down. “I’ve see perfectly healthy people WITHOUT canes fall while climbing down.” He gave me a ride through the station and out to the front, where my little brother Justin was waiting for me.

I knew my first fall would really suck, and it does, and I’m not freaking out but it’s really frustrating and sad because I know this is just the beginning. And I hate it.

The weekend was otherwise perfect, and I hate that it ended on this note. But it didn’t ruin anything by any means, and I’m going to end this before I dwell on it too much and it DOES wind up ruining it.

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