Two quick things…

Before we return to our regularly scheduled sweary shenanigans and inappropriate morbid humor, I want to say two further things about assisted suicide, and then we’ll move on.

1) This is not gonna happen for me for a long long time. So don’t go writing any eulogies or shit, cause I’m still here. I’ll give y’all lots of warning if/when that happens, but for now, you fuckers are stuck with me. Swearing ALL the swears.

2) It is BEYOND fucking RIDICULOUS that the criteria to qualify for DwD does NOT include dementia. FOR FUCKS SAKE. It is patently UNFAIR that these reasoning people can’t choose their end when they start to lose their reason. The body may not be in decline, but their LIFE certainly is. They are dying. Their bodies are just going to take a bit to catch up. Let them check out with class, for fucks sake.

One thought on “Two quick things…

  1. “Happy to be stuck with you” la la la
    Dementia is a bad thing. Long term memory is fine, just little or no ‘right now’ memory. Bob’s mom was still able to make decisions, with a little help remembering what she was supposed to remember.

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