Today I read the absolute fucking DUMBEST word ever.


That pisses me off even more than “differently abled”. We’re ALL fucking “differently abled”. I can’t play the violin, someone else can – we are differently abled. What *I* happen to be, though, is DISABLED. There are things I used to be able to do, and now I can’t. I am no longer able to stand on my toes. I can no longer walk properly. I have a walking DISABILITY. A blind guy CAN NOT SEE when the vast majority of us CAN. He is fucking disabled.

Whether or not we see it as a *handicap*, though, is another matter. There are some disabled people out there that I don’t consider handicapped at all. Disabled, yes. Disadvantaged, aw hellllll no. Beause fuck you, get out of our way. We got shit to do and you are slowing us down with your invented words to make yourselves feel smug and artificially superior to someone using a word you consider offensive but which is ACTUALLY TECHNICALLY AND GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT.

And if you say we’re “handi-capable”? I might have to kill you.

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