heh. Now you can like my posts.


Seriously, though, as much as it probably came across as needy and weird when I replied to a comment to the effect that “OMG THX 4 UR COMMENTZ” on that last post, I really do love to hear you guys. YouTube aside, sometimes the comments are the best part of a blog. Besides, no matter who you are, when you are going through something rough, you can get lonely. Even surrounded by people. And sometimes it’s enough to know you’re heard.

So thank you, for letting me hear your voices, too.

3 thoughts on “Socialsssszzzz

  1. I wanted to write that I used to care for a PALS that just passed, but then I read that you cannot stand that way of calling persons with ALS. and I am reading your blog every evening before I go to bed. and in the morning. and while being driven around at work. I really like you, you are great. just all the vibes that you send around. hope you are well

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